Bolt couplings

Non-automatic & automatic bolt couplings
GKN Walterscheid couplings – The guarantee for a strong connection

The range of GKN Walterscheid services for agritechnical engineering, commercial vehicles and construction machinery encompasses the production and delivery of the following clevis-type couplings:

  • Automatic couplings, such as the KU 2000 series
  • Non-automatic couplings
  • Hitch frames with rapid height adjustment
  • Pin-adjust hitches
  • Automatic and non-automatic flange hitches
  • Towing hitches for construction machinery
  • Hitches to CUNA Standard NC 338-02

These products are available for all power classes.

While most clevises are made of forged, high-strength steel, the clevises according to the CUNA Standard are of welded design.

All couplings comply with various national and international standards, and have the respective approvals.