Our Piton-Fix is a classic trunnion coupling. Just as the hitch coupling  or the ball end coupling K 80  belong to the category of bottom hitches.

It consists of a cylindrical holder on the tractor as well as a locking mechanism made up of a transverse bolt located above.

As a general rule, the Piton-Fix coupling is mounted rigidly. While the benefit of this type of coupling is its low hitch option, its disadvantage is that the trailer must be lowered onto the coupling by means of a support wheel.

Use of this coupling requires a special towing eye on the trailer which must have a diameter that is greater than the usual 40 mm. Approved are towing eyes that comply with DIN 9678 (ISO 5692) specifications.

Overview  of Piton-Fix hitches

  • for attachment on the bearing block,
  • the support plate or the height adjustable
  • inside part
  • Rigid installation
  • (plugged or bolted)