Trailer ball products

Over years of everyday use, ball hitches have become the solution of choice primarily on attached implements and machinery with wide working widths. A ball hitch offers a variety of benefits in this regard. For instance, they are capable of supporting great vertical loads. This makes it possible to hitch the implement to the tractor without an play.

However, everyday use also revealed that, aside from its obvious benefits, this system shows signs of wear caused by great mechanical loads on the trailer coupling products. To achieve a permanent vertical connection without any play requires,  all trailer ball products made by GKN Walterscheid are fitted with a solid, continuously adjustable, and forged hold-down device.

This device can be adjusted in a few easy steps without the need for any tools. The height play can be adjusted by means of an adjusting screw. The new hold-down device is capable of supporting extremely high loads. It can be easily swivelled to the side  during coupling and uncoupling. This makes it almost impossible for the hold-down device to sustain damage during the coupling procedure. The fact that the hold-down device can be swivelled out of the way makes the coupling procedure also significantly easier.

For details on the device’s functionality, please log on to GKN Walterscheid’s website for a technical video.

Furthermore, all trailer ball products are designed in such a way that even a worn ball can be replaced twice by pressing in and out.

This allows trailer ball products to reach a service life of more than 10,000 operating hours