Lower links

Quick coupling and uncoupling from the tractor seat

Our lower link hooks, forged from high-strength steel, are designed to support pulling, compressive and lateral forces. Their special design provides for the necessary angular movements. The mechanism is housed on the inside of the hook where it is protected from impact and dirt. The automatic safety interlock can only be released by actuating the opening lever. Accidental automatic release is impossible.

Walterscheid hooks withstand extremely high loads, are easy to operate and safe. They are made of high-strength forged steel and designed specially to absorb high tensile, compressive and lateral forces. As a result, they stand up to all the stresses occurring between the tractor and the implement in the work process. As the partner of numerous tractor manufacturers, Walterscheid also designs and builds complete lower links with hooks, telescopic ends or ball ends.

Centring chamfers, a locked – kick-down – open position and a dirt discharge opening ensure straightforward handling. 

Straightforward coupling thanks to centring chamfers
Safety interlock prevents accidental opening
Compact design ensures clearance from the unit
Insensitivity to dirt thanks to small number of components and the dirt discharge opening

Both the lower link hooks and the tractor and implement-side eyebolts are available as spare parts and for retrofitting.