Friction clutch K92 - 56.219.16

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SKU: 56.219.16-1000nm
MPN: 110358

Product Description

Friction clutch with disc springs and pull lock.
Friction clutches count among the torque-maintaining clutches and limit short-term torque peaks. Power transmission in the drive line is not interrupted. The clutch torque is dependent on the spring forces, the mean friction radius, the coefficient of friction and the number of friction linings. Friction clutches are particularly suitable for limiting loads during start-up processes, e.g. the acceleration of large masses. If the drive line is blocked, the entire energy to be transmitted is converted into heat. Overheating of the friction clutch can result in temporary reduction of the clutch torque or destroy the friction lining. The thermal loading capacity of friction clutches depends on the design type, the friction linings and the installation conditions. We exclusively use friction disks with a high thermal loading capacity.

Product advantages

Compact design
No power transmission interruption
Torque is maintained
Peak loads can be absorbed for a short time
2 directions of rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise)
Suitable as a centrifugal coupling

A-Profile = 1 ⅜“ (6)
d(mm) = 27

Replacement friction disc

Product Features

Type K92
Series / Cross size 2300 / 27mm x 75mm
Torque Nm rating 1000 Nm
Spline 1 ⅜“ (6)
Connection / Release type Pull collar - AGR108
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